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Each job we have at San Luis Obispo Painting Company is unique in its own way. Yes we paint houses, but we also excel at the tricky business of painting commercial properties. 

For businesses, if you are looking to have a complete painting make over for your office building/restaurant/retail space/Dr.Office, we are the Painting Company to call! Please keep in mind, if you have smaller projects you would like painted, we have you covered as well. 

With our experienced staff, we will have the job done in no time!

Our goal here at San Luis Obispo Painting Company, is to help you choose the color in you. We will guide you through the decisions, providing fresh color options and then stand back while you choose your favorite. 

However, we do have one rule for all our customers (refer to the image below)... This is not required, but is strongly recommend.

our approach

who we are

​​One concern from our homeowner customer, was "can you fit all 27 of my interior doors in your shop to paint?".

Our response, "you bet your sweet SW 7008 Alabaster we can (which is a Sherwin-Williams color)". With the right prep and primer, on top of that factory primer, we can make these panel masonite doors look beautiful.

We offer a range of painting services, all designed to help you reach your deadline on finally completing your painting project! 

Whether you're looking to paint your whole house, or just a room or just cabinets to be refinished in your home, we have you covered.